Frequently Asked Questions

Picking the right pet service provider is hard. We get it as pet parents. We have attempted to answer most of the questions that you might have. If you still have questions - 💌 us at or 📱 us. 

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General FAQs

Do you do a meet & greet?

Yes we do. You can schedule one right from the app and its free of charge. We only request that you give us enough notice if you are going to cancel the meet and greet.

Why is your service different?
  • You get trust thru transparency & convenience at competitive prices.
  • You spend more than a minute to book a service.
  • You should & will know in real time what is happening with your pet.
  • You are charged after the service is complete.
  • You control the security of your home and how we get in. 
Why don't you take a key to enter the premises?

We believe that you should control the security of your home &it should be super easy for your let us know how to get into your place. We can cater to any requests. Security instructions aren't shown to walker till 30 minutes before the time of appointment and only if they are near your address of service. We take security very seriously!

What are your service hours?
  • Monday - Friday 8AM - 8PM
  • Weekends 10 AM - 5 PM
  • Holidays 10 AM - 5 PM
Are your walks private or group walks?

All our services are private walks so we give the pet the attention that they deserve. So no pairing with other dogs.

Pet Related Questions

Do you work with Puppies?

Given that our walks are private walks, absolutely! Just mention additional information in the notes. We got you covered!

Do you have any breed restrictions?

Nope. We believe a dog behavior is reflective of how they are trained. 

My dog is aggressive, is that a problem? 

Hard question to answer - which is why we offer a meet and greet so we can assess the pet ourselves. If we are unable to take dog because of aggressive behavior we will let you know. Pet's safety comes first.

Do you take senior dogs?

Yes we do. Need a really slow walk? Need multiple walks a day not a problem. Senior dogs love the individual attention we give. We are all going to become senior sooner or later.

Why don't allow you take dogs to off-leash walks/parks?

Our insurance prevents us from taking dogs off leash. Sorry - we know how much they have. 


How many days ahead can you book?

At the moment we support booking 7 days ahead of time. We are looking to expand it longer.

Will i get the same walker every time?
  • If you are booking on an ongoing basis, you will almost always get the same walker - unless there is an unforeseen circumstance.
  • If your bookings are sporadic or not on a regular schedule then we can't guarantee the same walker (we will make an effort to match the same walker) but the quality of service will just be the same.
Can I change the service notes?

Yes, you can change the service anytime you want - as long as the walk hasn't started. Our service is real time so walker gets the updated walk notes. Just long press the notes text portion and edit the notes

What are your services & charges?

Please take a look at the pricing page.

Can you do recurring walks?

Yes, when picking the time select recurring walks and pick the days when you want the walk. We will handle all the charges based on the days you pick and provide you with the total. You can cancel any individual booking.

Walker(s) Related Questions

How do you hire your walkers? 

We are pet parents first & foremost. We built this service because as pet parents we weren't happy with the options in the market. We only hire pet lovers. All of our walkers have either grown up with dogs or have a dog or love dogs. No exceptions. We hire 1/20 walkers that applies. Every application needs to be approved by our founding dog "Daisy".

What service do you use to run background checks?

We use the same service as Uber to verify the background checks for the walkers. Anyone that fails the background check is not hired by us.

Can the walker see my rating & comments?

No! This is used by us for operations and other pet parents. So feel free to leave an honest feedback.

Why do your walkers like working for you?

Here are some things that we do that we believe is different.

  • Most of our walkers are millennials that love their phones.
  • They love being able to focus on what they love doing with the pets and leave all the other hassle to the app. No phone calls.
  • They get paid at the same time we receive a payment from you. No more waiting for 2 weeks for a paycheck.
  • Manage their schedules on the app. Life is too short not to treat people with respect and value their work. We wouldn't exist without them.

Billing Related Questions

When do you charge for the service?
We pride ourselves in charging you only when we deliver on the service and you get a service report. Once the walk report is filed your credit card will be charged. When you make a booking we put a hold on your credit card. For reservations that are 7 days or more, the hold happens 7 days before the time of the reservation.
How much do you charge for taxes & why?

By law we are required to collect service tax which is about 6.875% in jersey city at the moment.

What if you are unable to arrange a dog walker?

There are times when we are truly overwhelmed and we can't service your request. In that scenario, the hold on the card is automatically removed. We will also let you know a few hours earlier if it's looking unlikely that we are going to service the request.

Why do you charge extra for an on-demand walk?
Most of our customers end up schedule regular walks. On demand walks require us & our walkers to react quickly and modify the schedule to service your request. The extra charge helps with the operations and helps incentivize the walkers.


Do you offer discounts?
Who doesn't love discounts, we all do including us. We do offer discounts for customers that book over 20 bookings a month. Reach out to us More to come - watch this space!


What is your cancellation policy?

We have generous cancellation policy! You can cancel the book anytime you'd like without having to call or talk to us. Cancel within the app at any time of your convenience. - no questions asked! If the cancellation occurs within 6 hours of the appointment we charge 50% of the service.

What is your rescheduling policy?

You can reschedule whenever you want - no questions asked. However, if you reschedule within 5 hours of the appointment we charge you 50% of the appointment fee.

Why do you ask us to do everything in the app?

We believe the pet parent needs to have the convenience to do everything with the reservations at their fingertips. There will of-course be instance where we have to jump in or take a call. Here are some instances we have called customers proactively

  • Leash change recommended
  • Pet needed to given water before and after the walk (Senior in this case)
What kind of equipment do you use?

We use the leash that the pet is used to - that you give us. (We don't use choke collars). The same is for treats - we only give that treats that you have left for the dog at home. We do recommend changes if our walkers feel something pet isn't comfortable during walks.

Can we call you? 

Absolutely! Thats why you can find our number front and center in the header of the site. Just remember we also have offered the convenience to chat with us with the app!

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